Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Olympic Kit

Or why our heroine is so disappointed in Stella.  And don't get me started on the volunteers and torchbearers. 

The Olympic PE kit. Bit divisive, innit?

I've looked at it.  And looked at it.  Then I had another look, just to make sure.  And every time I looked at it, there it was.  All blue and crap.  An ugly black sleeve for Chris Hoy; triangular crotch detailing for Jessica Ennis to draw the eye just in case there was a man in the UK not looking at her crotch; a cropped kimono and a face like a slapped arse for Vicky Pendleton (what? facial expression model's own?).

It's just bobbins.  And the fact that it's the wrong sodding colours, well yes.  I have a massive problem with this.  It's the GB kit for a once-in-a-lifetime home Olympic games.  Turquoise? What the FUCK?  Ours is one of the coolest and most iconic flags in the world.  It didn't need 'de-constructing', Stella, it just needed printing.

The adidas-designed volunteer uniforms are vile, and the white and gold torch bearers shell suit away strip appears to have been designed with the sole purpose of making everybody look like a tool.

My problem with the kit is my problem with the Olympics.  As far as I can tell the whole sodding debacle is being mishandled on an epic scale in all areas wherever it interfaces with public interest.  Style (and I use the word in the loosest possible term) over substance.  Logo?  Hideous.  Mascots?  Ugly.  Tickets?  Farce.  Post Games Strategy?  Corrupt. 

The cyclist made an excellent and insightful point when we were discussing this very topic the other night.  There are certain extremely important aspects of the Olympics which are being managed quietly and efficiently (interestingly though, by the ODA rather than LOGOC).  He pointed out that the construction of the stadium and associated facilities for the Games themselves were probably the best project-managed constructions the UK has ever seen - the words 'On Time and Under Budget' not usually synonymous with any project of this type and size.  Hell, the words 'Not That Late, and Only Twice What We Said' would probably have been a result under the circumstances.  And here there is no arguing, the cyclist is a highly respected and knowledgeable construction industry professional.  He also made excellent points about media coverage and spin - what we are being shown is surely not all there is to the picture.  I suppose we should remember that certain sections of the press/ media and government aren't exactly the best of pals right now.

I really think it's such a shame the public perceptions of the Olympics are so overwhelmingly negative, especially as the areas of public interest (with the exception of tickets to actually see the Games, obviously), like the design of the kit and the logo for example, are so basically unimportant in the grand scheme of things.  There are areas where great strides are being made, and these are by and large not the things people are talking about in relation to the Games.

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